Short Dress

I stepped out of my house to watch a movie with my friend at around 6 o’clock that evening. For a change, I decided to wear my new bodycon dress.

As I stepped out, a feeling of uncomfortableness rushed through my body. No, it wasn’t about my dress. I looked pretty and carried it well.

But the eyes that ogled at me, made me think if I made the right decision of wearing it. I’m sure, many of us have gone through this feeling and would completely relate to what I felt.

I wasn’t scared of them but yes, there’s no denying that it really made me a little uneasy. It really did.

My short dress isn’t an invitation nor am I trying to grab your attention. I am a human who can decide for herself what she should wear. It isn’t a collective decision.

It’s 2019 but I don’t see a change in our thinking whatsoever. A woman is judged, restricted and abused mentally and physically even today.

We always say that the world is bad and cruel. But we forget that we are a part of the same world. And the responsibility of changing this outlook towards women starts from ‘You’.

Can we ask ourselves if we have ever observed the attitude towards females in our own homes? Do we have separate rules for a son and a daughter? Do we treat them right? Do we give them the same amount of freedom that the sons get?

The problem with the society is, we think we’re good and others are bad. And the others think they’re good, the rest are bad. Crazy world!

To eradicate such evil from the society, it’s important that we change ourselves. A woman’s existence should not just be celebrated on ‘Women’s Day’ or their birthdays. Celebrate our existence every day by just treating us right.

We don’t want to be treated like a Goddess. All we ask from you is treat us like a Human. We are not toys to be played with nor snacks to satisfy your insatiable hunger.

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31 Thoughts

  1. Wonderfully written BG… Will wait for more of your blogs. You are a very good writer which I know. Now is the time to give them wings and let it fly through others life… All the best

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  2. Wow, Bold Girl! You had me at “My short dress isn’t an invitation nor am I trying to grab your attention. I am a human who can decide for herself what she should wear. It isn’t a collective decision.” 👏👏

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  3. I had to look up what a bodycon dress was, I had never heard the term; I think it is something worn in cities and not rural areas such as I live. I think is is a testament to your attractiveness rather than misplaced anger and haughty disgust over the obviousness that we are not so altruistic a society.
    It would be akin to my pulling in to a parking area driving a Bugatti, (parking as close to possible to the front, taking the handicapped van accessible spot because it is the biggest spot allowing more room around my beauty), sneering at the gawkers before I even put the gear into park. Then as I exit I chide “Quit salivating and gawking you Volkswagon driving losers!” Then I look to Heaven and ask “Why do I have to drive my 2007 Chevy pick-up truck to be anonymous?”
    It is possible I don’t really understand because I am new to reading poetry, it is usually very deep, and since I have been diagnosed with Chronic TBS (Tiny Brain Syndrome) I shouldn’t be judged or held responsible for my ignorance.
    Your words in general cause me to ponder what you wrote, I am glad I fell into your page. “Should I marry myself?” is one of my favorite lines.
    Thank you for your hard work.

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    1. It won’t ever. For that the whole human existence should vanish completely and a new society must take birth which has zero gender biases. Infact an unbiased society in every aspect.


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