Corona Virus – A wake-up call to humanity!

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A lot of buzz around Corona Virus (COVID-19) recently or should I say, the only topic we talk about these days. We all together are fighting the battle against it and giving-up is not the option that we have no matter how difficult or impossible it seems right now.

But have you noticed, all of a sudden there are no rapes nor thefts recorded? We have learnt to maintain decent amount of distance from people, turned hygienic and rush to the doctor on the mildest symptoms we experience.

All of a sudden the world has turned upside down! A virus outbreak and we learnt the importance of washing hands? Did we need a virus to teach us the basics? Maybe, yes!


I was on my way back home last night. I wore my mask and was walking through a silent road with hardly any street lights. I walked past men sitting on both the ends of the road. A few did ogle at me but, did not even dare to come close or walk past me. I sensed something is different but, couldn’t gauge what exactly it was.

After a while, I realized it was my mask and the current situation we are into. Everyone is scared to come in contact with the infected and nobody knows who it could be. Post which, I walked without any fear or uncomfortableness. I knew, I was safe. Corona Virus made me feel safe. Strange!

Not to forget about our world leaders who were so busy preparing themselves for the third world war that they forgot the nature might flip the cards anytime. We ran behind what was unnecessary but, missed on the necessity of the century.

Today the world is handicapped. Despite having the best technology, we weren’t prepared for what was coming our way. It isn’t me who’s saying this, it is said by some famous faces around the globe. Check Bill Gate’s Ted Talk.

Hey, have you heard about the penguins taking a tour at the Chicago aquarium? If you have missed it, here it is:

What a lovely sight to see! Isn’t it? Would you ever get to see this, if the aquarium was not shut? Maybe never! Do they not have a life? Why would we lock them down for our entertainment? Please, let them live. Don’t chain them up.

Everyone is indoors from past few days or probably weeks. Are you not feeling uneasy being at home for so long? You are, I know. So just think about these beings who can’t even express what they feel. Why would we be so heartless?

Not just humans, we need to sensitize towards the needs of the animals as well. Human is a thinking animal but, are we really thinking about what we ought to think?

We all want peace. But are we doing enough to justify what we’re looking for? The answer is, ‘No’. If we do not want wars then why are we spending huge money on it?


Peace doesn’t come from destroying each other.
It comes from being there for each other.

It’s a wake-up call for all of us. I do not know the actual cause of the pandemic we all are into but, all I know is, we ain’t giving-up. Everything else is secondary. You’re a human, be human.

This is not a blame-game time. Please do not commit this crime.
The world needs understanding, patience and empathy.
People on the borders are soldiers protecting the nation.
But, all of us are soldiers fighting to safeguard human existence.

Stop fighting against each other. That’s when you can fight against anything that brings us down.

Do not forget to treat women right even when the virus passes away.
Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay clean.
Let the animals live their lives. Do not cage them.
We don’t need a virus to teach us to act like humans.
We need humans who can treat each other with respect and understanding even when a pandemic doesn’t hit us.

It really doesn’t matter from where it began.
What matters is, how we put an end to it.

Be a fighter.
Do not give-up.
We are in this together.
We will conquer this!❤️

– The Bold Girl💋

© Copyright 2019-2020

The Bold Vibe – All Rights Reserved

28 Thoughts

  1. “Be a fighter.
    Do not give-up.
    We are in this together.
    We will conquer this!❤️”

    Such an encouraging sentiment! 👏 I’m from Delhi, India while the virus was still in its infancy here in India. Delhi was on the verge of imploding with communal riots. Thanks to coronavirus, everyone is in their homes now and luckily the media has diverted its attention towards coronavirus. So things are peaceful now. No matter how dark the clouds may be there is always a silver lining if you see things in the right way I guess. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post.

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  2. Great read. There are many things which we haven’t realised about the pandemic that is sweeping the world – its not all negative. I have experienced a lot of change in my country as well but, sadly, the crime rate is still super high despite us being in strict lockdown. Have a look at my post on the topic if you would like to read about my views . Your thoughts will be appreciated

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  3. So true and so apt, we thinking animals I don’t even want to refer the human’s animals now, they don’t kill each other at least and here are we, always trying to be a superior, never-ending loop .
    I agree with you, even after 2nd world war we are here again waiting for the 3rd one anytime, which will be been more destructive
    And we all are helpless in front of what universe have for us
    Very well written one, SMG queen 💙💙

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe… This is a real incident that happened in March and was viral in every news channel and social media. How come y’all don’t know about it?🤔

      Btw, thank you!😊😊🤗🤗


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