Written on 11 September 2014

They said, “If it’s real love; it’s not at all going to be easy.
You both will fall, tremble, fight, cry all night.
There will come a time which may even take you away from each other but, if it’s real; you’ll somehow find a way to stick together.

Will always lift each other whenever one falls, find out ways to work things out.
Will stand besides each other without a second thought and their love they will never doubt.

If it’s real, they will wait for ages for their time to come.
Will never fool around with others for fun.
They will know the worth of that someone who stood besides them burning their feet in the sun.

If it’s for real, they will surely make a way,
For they know they truly and divinely fell in love with each other with every passing night and day.

If it’s for real, no other man or woman will ever matter to you,
For you know only your man or lady has loved you as ‘YOU’.

If it’s for real, your heartbeat will rise when they’re missing,
“Oh! Why couldn’t
you be here with ‘ME’?” your heart  starts wishing.

It will be beyond the hugs and kissing.
You’ll know it’s not just another person in your life but a blessing.

If it’s for real, you’ll never let them slip away from your hands.
You can never imagine anybody else getting this beautiful chance.

If it’s for real, you’ll make a way.
Don’t let that beautiful and loving heart slip away.”


© Copyright 2019-2020

The Bold Vibe – All Rights Reserved

30 Thoughts

    1. Thank you, Kate! 🙂 That’s the reason why I said it is a vast topic to talk about and feel too. And yeah, we’ve connected for the 2nd time. We did connect recently on a previous blog. 😀

      Thank you once again. 🙂


  1. Just beautiful 💖
    A great, well written way of putting it and you worded it perfectly. I can almost imagine the scenes that you describe as my eyes run over your beautiful words.

    Stay safe and never stop writing and I’m sending you virtual hugs ❤️

    H.R Phoenix, Author

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I’m glad to hear that from you.🤗 Though it’s true that finding someone like that, is way too hard in the times we live in but, that doesn’t mean we be harsh on ourselves.😊 We can and should definitely show our real love to everyone – our family, friends, spouse etc. We’ve just limited our love for our partners and never realized that there are others too who love us.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Perhaps true love isn’t about finding the flawless perfect companion, but instead it’s about finding that special whom you respect and adore despite their flaws. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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