The most selfish creation of God!

Humans enjoying eating the earth.
A depiction of how we’re enjoying the destruction of this Earth!🌍

I see the mocking,
The killings,
The suffocating,
The marginalized,
The poor,
The needy,
The old,
The helpless,

I see, I see them all.
To get answers from everyone of you today, this discussion I’ve called.

Skin colour determines your right to live,
That little Elephant was fed with poison which looked as food,
An animal, how could we deceive?

How can we discriminate between the NRIs and the migrants?
Like humans, one sect of the the society is treated,
And the others are sprayed with disinfectants!

The Muslims are called ‘Terrorists’,
Then why are the people mocking and killing them named the protectors of ‘Hinduism’?

The ‘Homosexuals’ are treated and abused like a toy,
When they retaliate, you ask them, “Boy, didn’t you like boys?”

A girl with a bright red lipstick is a ‘Slut’,
How can you be so sure with your gut?

For the women in your houses, you prepare a beautiful nest,
Then, how do you shamelessly stare at a women’s breast?

We kill the trees to expand our living space,
Then you curse the God for the hot days!

Nobody bats an eye when the Churches and Mosques are destroyed in the broad day light?
But when a random Cow is not treated like a God, everyone jumps into a fight?

Why the world is quiet over the bombings in Syria?
But the same world felt the pain in their heart when the same happened just once in Paris?

These are not all,
There are many other questions I have in my mind,
Did God really expect us to be of this kind?

We ain’t humans,
We are the destroyers,
The most selfish creation of God!


Β© Copyright 2019-2020

The Bold Vibe – All Rights Reserved


46 Thoughts

  1. Humans are delusional. They want to justify their thoughts and ideas as correct. But with different humans come different thoughts. So now we have a war. They can’t accept others’thoughts. They can’t bear that they can be wrong.
    The bottom line is humans suck and nothing is really going to change any time soon.

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    1. I don’t know what to say about this. I have tried hard all my life to make many of them understand we’re heading towards our own destruction but, the world is blind to the core.

      They think you’re against Hindus.
      They think you’re a negative soul,
      They mock you as though they never were your friends,
      They want you to get killed coz you showed them the mirror!

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          1. Of course I know. I literally should have start using emojis in my comments. Even the statements which are meant to be funny turn out to be seriousπŸ˜‘.
            My bad. I will work upon it. VKG needs a lot of learning.

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    1. I know. We are. Only a few accept that we all have contributed in destroying the very exixtence of humanity. Rest of them, always blame the world. According to them, they haven’t done a thing!

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  2. Sadly it is the reality of today πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
    Humans are actually not human
    Beautifully written by you 😊
    I also wrote something similar yesterday….

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    1. Thank you, cutie!😊

      There are several acts we humans have done, that includes you and I, all of us. If we start listing these, we can do this activity for eternity.

      We’re such a disgrace! I don’t know what else we’re going to witness in the coming days. But, I’m sure our end is near.

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      1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I’ve always thought about how the world could end someday, but hardly thought about how I could stop that from happening. It’s better that now a lot of people are getting conscious about it.

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    1. It’s all biased approach. Rich – Poor, Hindus – Other faiths, White – Black, Humans – Nature etc etc.

      We all have added up to this approach over these decades and now have reached a point where we don’t even think we’re wrong.

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