The SEX Market

Sex, Painting, Word, Letters, Temptation

A market that nobody wants to talk about.
We think we’re clean, without a doubt!

We all know that the ‘SEX Market’ is huge,
Where only the desperate one’s sexual desires find refuge.

But if I had to ask you, ‘What is a market?’ You’d say, ‘A place where we get what we want.’
If that is what it is, then why our lustful acts do not count?

You looking at a girl,
Undressing her in your imagination,
A random girl brings you an erection,
Boy! your mind needs some fixation!

You got what you desired,
But just that, with thoughts it was wired.

Your parents and family members show you pictures of the opposite gender to pick from,
May I ask you what you look at? Are you looking at their lips and the hips?
Now, you’d tell me, ‘It is a norm!’

What kind of ritual is this and where did it come from?

We all are a by-product of sex,
Do you know if it was a forced intercourse or an intimate love making that led to our birth?
Why are we here? What’s our purpose of being on this earth?

Oh! I so wish I could ask them… If they really were in love while they made out?
Or am I here just coz they din’t want ‘Impotent’ the world to call them out?

Majority of the marriages are arranged,
And within a year itself, a baby is born, don’t you find it strange?

How do you sleep with a person who’s still unknown,
How can your body they just own?
Were we not taught, our body is our home?

Give your partner no sex,
And see if the so called relationship sustains,
While you read this, I know you’d say, “Is she out of her mind? Give her some brain!”

When this is just a sex game,
Then why the divinity gets the fame?
Why do we hide behind the ritual of marriage?
When all we want is a fixed sexual partner and our blood line carriage!

Sex is a need, let’s accept the fact,
But, why fall so low?
Why this dirty act?

We get easily attracted and in a blink of an eye, distract,
Do you realize what on our minds is the impact?

You think it’s a taboo to talk about the sex market?
But all of us are running our own tiny market!


Handcuffs, Chains, Prison, Freedom

It is a fact that we’re all chained to our thoughts. And being conscious of our desires turning into lust can be difficult…. But ‘Marital Rape’ is a reality and so is the need for sex, the reason for marriages. While we blame the world for the dirt in their head, we forget to clear our own minds. People like us who are so judgmental, don’t even know if we’re born out of love, lust, rape or need for offspring (child birth, a descendant).

While many may find my question on our birth objectionable. I ask you, don’t you think it’s important to know? I think, it is. While I don’t have the courage to put forth this question. No, I’m not that bold enough. But, I know, many of us won’t be able to face the reality if we got the answers.

We always think it is the world that needs to be fixed but, we forget, we are the world. If we want to fix anything, it starts from us and our homes. What’s done, is done. We cannot fix that. We cannot go back into the womb, if we were not born out of love. But, let’s work on our minds, where we know, when we’re crossing the line. It’s important for each of us to realize when our needs are turning into lust. After all….

Reality begins at home!

92 Thoughts

  1. Wow!
    I uh..kinda wasn’t expecting that
    Lot of information
    Well, I sometimes have another point of view regarding this action
    Like for example, I don’t really think that sleeping with someone is kinda a necessary
    And I’m definitely not the type of person who quickly likes to get into that raw action
    I’m more of a person who would like to know that person better

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  2. Marital rape is very common in India… Your words describe the heartbreaking situation of our reality perfectly.
    Change can only begin with us… 🙂

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      1. Nah, not my name, sorry… Raven works, though. If not Raven, SG is just fine!
        However, if you’re choosy, you can pick! I don’t mind anything!

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          1. What? No, I didn’t think that you thought SG was my name. You’d asked for my real name, so I simply replied, “Nah, not sharing my name.” Forgive me, I should have been more clear. LOL!
            If you’re picky, you can make up any name you wish. I don’t mind anything!

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  3. I am speechless, I don’t find words
    Just can say thank you for putting up such a sensitive topic here 😊🤗
    Marital rapes need to be addressed and our country does not count it for rape even, we definitely need one
    More awareness
    Hoping for the change

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    1. Thank you, Era!😊

      Well, it’s not just marital rape but, our minds are at a terrible state – both men and women. Person of the opposite gender has just become a toy we play with! There is infact close to nobody who must have not had a dirty thought running in their head.

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      1. Actually true, I also don’t like how people just think of only that one thing, everything or anything will somehow related to this only.
        You ‘re welcome 😊😊
        You are actually a brave one to write on it

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        1. Hehehe.. Not so brave!🙈🙈

          The world finds me a rebellious one. May be a crazy head! (If that’s what one would call me just coz I show the world a mirror, I’m fine with it)

          I just think we should be more open in asking ourselves where did we mess it up and try to fix it!

          And, all of us have at least once had a dirty thought running in our head. But, we should know where to put a stop and not let it fuck-up our minds forever!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Dori!😊 (Is that your name?🤔)

      I am glad to know that people are taking it positively than getting offended by reality!😅 The world doesn’t like to see the mirror, you see!


      1. Haha you almost got it 😅 it’s Doris.

        If anyone took it negatively, then that’d tell much about them. Keep writing on such uncommon topics

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        1. Ohhhh! I actually was working at that point of time so I really didn’t even read properly. My friends used to call me Dori, so I was thinking to myself, “Is Dori a name for real!”🤔 and I happened to assume without even reading the complete name.😅

          Well, thank you for sharing your views. Much appreciated!😊😊

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            1. Hahahahhaah… I know only about the Dori you spoke about. Sorry, I couldn’t recollect the name. My friends used to call me even before the Dori one was released. You remember the 1st part, ‘Finding Nemo’? Since then they’d named on Dori.😅


  4. Any type of rape case shouldn’t be taken so lightly, and they must be dealt with quickly and effectively. Instead of doing this, people resort to blaming the victim for the gruesome incident that took place, with some atrocious BS filled “theory”.

    To make matters worse; all the false rape cases that are reported on a large scale, further diminishes the importance to spread awareness of actual rape cases that take place (even the brutal ones).

    What kind of a disgusting world we live in, huh? 😒😔

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    1. Everything revolving around sex is so fucked-up! From the tiny dirty thoughts that run in our minds to people putting those dirty thoughts into action. We can’t and can never fix the whole world but, we can fix ourselves and our homes. But, we at least need to start it from somewhere rather than blaming everyone!

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      1. Hence, “Sex Sells” has become a popular slogan for advertising almost anything. Be it media, movies, cartoons, products, etc. Even innocent things can be turned into something dirty minded/perverted; that shows how much sex has influenced us.

        It’s almost as if the entire world revolves around sex! Or better yet, the entire world’s obsessed with sex to no extent.

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        1. Exactly my point! Then we behave as though sex is only sold in the red light areas. So called ‘Respected People’ do not get into that lane.

          Oh, respected people, please stop pretending that you’re not a part of it!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Ohhh Godddd!!!! My heart sank for a moment!😂😂😂 I thought you’re talking about us. Hahaha.. Sorry, my mind is running errands! I got confused.

              I don’t know, when did we all stoop to this level. But, I do know, we’re all messing it up big time. Nobody can save us!

              Liked by 1 person

                1. A huge grave! We all are going to be dumped in the same grave! We fucked-it up together and so we go in the grave together! Hand in hand, leg in leg…😂😂😂 I won’t say anything further!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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                    1. Hahahahahahaha…🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was just trynna be funny but once I reached the leg, I realised where it was heading to! And I couldn’t stop myself from laughing all alone!🤣🤣🤣

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                    2. Huh, that’s funny. I thought we had done that before the joke came up.🤔

                      Either way, it was a great poem; and it was nice to read your point of view on this topic. I’m also happy to see all positive responses here, it shows we are mature and serious enough to talk about this topic.

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    2. When it comes to rapes, until the Govt. doesn’t take a stand and act fast, people like us will always suffer. I never understood how can one play politics on these issues.

      Andddd then there are women who want to put false allegations and ruin a man’s life forever. I hate that! These women are much more dangerous to society. You just played a victim just coz you’re a woman? Who gave one that right?

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      1. Exactly, that’s high grade bullshit!
        People will go to almost any extent to get publicity; even if it means turning a serious issue into a freaking “Excuse game” for political reasons.

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  5. People have stooped too low in this case. Everyday you read or hear such news from different parts of our country. And I always think, where are we going with this? What has happened to the people? They are uncontrollable. I can’t imagine what else we will see.

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  6. Yikes, scary & horrible things you mention. Makes sense – how many women in arranged marriages must not know or be attracted to their husband. “Marital rape,” how horrible to be in such a situation.

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  7. Amazing!! Glad you wrote about this.
    And it’s so sad that most of the children in our country are a result of marital rape. To top that, our constitution, our FREAKING CONSTITUTION doesn’t count marital rape as a crime!
    We seriously do need to change…🙏

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  8. While everyone is appreciating you for the choice of the topic that you’ve made (deservedly so), let me applaud you for your poetry skills 👏 while writing a rhyming poem many people often make rhymes that don’t go that well with the soul of that poem and I think you’ve done a great job here.

    About the topic, I think people really need to talk about such sad realities of society. I have even written a detailed article about the issue.

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  9. So true and you have penned everything down so beautifully. “sex” is energy..we share our energies when we have sex. It must be consensual and beautiful.
    Marital rapes need to be addressed.
    “I’m hoping for the change in changes”.
    Power to you pen.

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