Time To Know Me Better!

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Mmm… Okay! Here are the responses to the question asked on my previous post – Know Me Better!

So a few were really out of the box. Mmm… Mmmm… I told y’all already I ain’t going to play an imagination game.

So here is the answer to that…

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I know this wasn’t a best question asked competition at all. But, there were a few questions I loved the most.

I’d leave a ❤️ besides the questions to let y’all know which these questions were.

Let’s start!

Moh’s Questions:

What is your dream career? ❤️

When Ppl Ask About My Future Plans GIF - Star Famous WhatIWantToBeWhenIGrowUp GIFs

Do you consider yourself as an introvert or extrovert?

Both Kevin Spacey GIF - Both KevinSpacey PerhapsBoth GIFs

Favorite food?

Hen Eggs GIF - Hen Eggs GIFs

Do you have a specific place you’d like to visit?

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Kamya’s Questions:

What is your biggest fear? (Can be a phobia or anything else)

Scared GIF - IAmTerrifiedOfEverything Terrified Scared GIFs

What’s your weirdest pet peeve? ❤️

Antisocial My Pet Peeve Is Just Other People GIF - Antisocial MyPetPeeveIsJustOtherPeople Molly GIFs

Which fictional character do you believe is most like yourself?

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad GIF - HarleyQuinn SuicideSquad MargotRobbie GIFs

Since the questions are way too many, I’d answer to those in the next post.

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Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Stay Tuned For More.
The Bold Girl💋

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    1. Hehehehe… I wasn’t really sure how to express this one. But, the Lord Google helped me out with the exact words.🤣🤣

      There are many though but, this has a different level of irritation!😂😂

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    1. Oh wait by the way this is the new and improved science_girrrrrl. I started a new site so I had to update everything.

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