Saturday Six Word Story Prompt

Prompt for Week #46 (Jul 11, 2020 – Jul 17, 2020)

Praying Lets Pray GIF - Praying LetsPray DearGod GIFs

My family – Prays together, stays together!

Blogger Christ GIF - JesusChrist Blog Blogger GIFs

Blogging family is my extended family!

Momo With Dog Animal GIF - MomoWithDog Animal Twice GIFs

An animal can be your family!


Keeping it simple this time. Just to remind ourselves that a family is beyond blood-line.

It is just beyond ones understanding!

A feeling when you feel home!

Eid Mubarak Selfie GIF - EidMubarak Selfie Smiling GIFs

Hello Everyone Emi Clanton GIF - HelloEveryone EmiClanton ErikClanton GIFs

I just want to end this with a small message:

Whether Blacks or Muslims, we all are humans. We should respect everyone and look beyond these things.

There’s no bigger family than human-race!

Family GIF - WeFamily Fam Family GIFs

– The Bold Girl💋

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All Rights Reserved

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        1. Hahahaha… It’s not just you, it’s all of us.🤣 I know someone who’s got all my comments into the spam box. So even if I tell her to check, it’ll too move to the spam box.🤣🤣🤣

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