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If you tell me, the US is a developed nation, I won’t agree.

If you come from a still developing country and find it difficult to accept that there’s a lot to work upon,

You need to first develop your brain completely to accept the reality.

Development begins from ‘YOU’, the way you think and act…

The society, country, financial stability of the nation is all secondary.

If the most developed countries are still struggling to treat humans like humans,

And the developing countries or rather just face it, the under developed countries…

have no strict laws for rape and lot of other issues, then just STFU!

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The whole world together could not find a vaccine till now and you think ‘YOUR COUNTRY’ is doing well, is developed?

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69 Thoughts

  1. I understand patriotism and love for country, but how does overlooking such MAJOR things even make sense???!! If you truly love your country, you should try to CREATE A CHANGE, not defend literally EVERYTHING! In all reality, no country can call itself “developed”. Glad you wrote about itโ™ฅ๏ธ

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    1. Exactly my point! No country is completely developed but, people from the not so close to the actual development talking about how great their country is, makes me wonder if they even got a brain.

      No matter how poorly ones child performs in school or the father is a drunkard, we are still gonna love them but, if I act like nothing’s wrong, I am fooling nobody but, myself. I need to 1st accept the issue and see how I can work on them and not act blind.

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  2. The so called “Desh Bhakti” makes people blind. We keep saying things like “Mera Bharat Mahan” but we overlook all these things. In our country, punishment for rapists is 25 years of imprisonment, and some rape files still waiting to be opened! Juveniles perform equally heinous crimes, and still they are released. Is our country or any other country for that matter, really developed?

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    1. They are safe, they got good education, they aren’t blacks, they aren’t migrants, they aren’t animals, they aren’t the minority community, they aren’t poor… so until I am well, everything is well acc to them.


        1. Ain’t anything gonna change. We just keep hoping. Moreover there are stupid females taking advantage of this, putting false allegations to spoil someone’s name. What have we come to? This is not how humans were supposed to be.๐Ÿ’”

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          1. Humans are worse than animals. A dog is more faithful and trustworthy than a human! Humanity has totally vanished. But I think, if the laws are slighter stricter, and every case is looked into, then cases may decrease. But our government is too lazy to even do that. There are some countries where these people are killed by the victims only!

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  3. We often brag about our country, but we often overlook all the flaws that exist in it.

    Seriously, we need to open our minds and realise whatโ€™s even going around in our surroundings.

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    1. A big yes! I’m kinda hating this word – development. C’mon, don’t even say the country is anywhere close to being developed. The best countries have terribly failed and your country is not even in the list so just zip your mouth.๐Ÿคท๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

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  4. People actually do this!? I have never come across someone like that, I think, but yes, about U.S.A, there are many things people brag about and some things are seriously overrated. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ฌ
    Thank you for writing this, Bold Girl.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œ

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    1. Lucky you! Or probably you haven’t noticed it. I’ve seen it across all channels. By channels I mean, in reality and on all social media platforms too. If you’re rich, you’re sure gonna brag about it but, someone who hasn’t even reached there, what are you bragging for? Are you blind?๐Ÿ˜‚

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