I’m Not Him Anymore!

Love, Art, Heart, Romance, Angel

I know, she was into tears while she sent me that long message.

Telling, she misses me more than she should.

That she cannot let go of what we once had.

Reminding me of the days she spent with me,

Of how beautiful the times were

Of how she never had to pursue me

Of how I always made her feel special

But how, how should I tell her, I no longer feel the same about her?

How do I tell her, my feelings have long gone?

How do I break her heart knowing that I’ve already broken it?

How do I tell her she’s a beautiful soul!
But my feelings are lost…

It slipped away! Probably my heart has a hole!

Written on 12th Aug. 2020

– The Bold Girl💋

© The Bold Vibe 2019-2020
All Rights Reserved



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