The Glowing Souls!

Image credit: Lucas Pezeta at Pexels

The world had changed! The Almighty finally took the decision – “The one with good deeds would flourish and the one without it, perish!”

Everyone was scared to death as they all knew where they belonged!

But there was a hidden message which was not known to any. As days passed by, they experienced their faces turning red & dark, dull with huge boils and wounds all over…

Scare Scary GIF - Scare Scary Injured GIFs

while there were a handful others, whose bodies shined with sparkles! They would glow not only in the dark but also in the broad daylight.

Sparkles Glitter GIF - Sparkles Glitter GIFs

The sinners wondered, “How would someone’s body glow!” They were certain that everyone’s end is near. But seeing these glowing souls, their heart sank with fear.


They then realised who these glowing humans were…. Some were the ones who feeded the hungry, the ones who didn’t believe in any religion but only believed in humanity as their only religion.

Some were the ones selling their bodies, “Prostitutes” the world calls them. There were beggars, gays, laywers, rape victims and the ones whom the world mocked for being quiet – sad soul.

While they knew their time is near, they still didn’t stop mocking, cursing and calling out names to them. “How can a prostitute or a gay be a good person? How can that girl’s face glow who did not even have one friend? It is not God but evil’s curse! God cannot do this. It is the evil who’s harming us!” They believed.

Nobody stopped!


At that moment, suddenly it started raining heavily. There was thundering and lightening and then the clouds opened!

Lightning Flash GIF - Lightning Flash Thunder GIFs

And…… There was a voice from heavens above….

The Goon Storm GIF - TheGoon Storm Amazing GIFs

The Lord spoke, “Its not what they do that matters to me. Its who they are. Its what they do for others. What do they ask in prayer? How many things have they sacrificed just to make someone happy while crying themselves to sleep.

You selfish souls kept mocking, abusing and killing them but they still haven’t turned sour. I created you to bring love into this Universe but only a few stood by it.”

“I’m not harsh, I love you all equally. But, this was your final opportunity to change but alas, nobody has! You all were and are my children but I can’t let the good souls suffer anymore.”

“It’s your time to perish!”

With those final words, the bad souls turned to dust while the good ones walked towards the door to heaven!

Stairway To Heaven GIF - StairwayToHeaven GIFs

– The Bold GirlπŸ’‹


I always feel the way the world works is so not right. “Why would the good suffer?” I always keep asking the Almighty. I have fights with the unknown just coz I am not in favour of this. Call me crazy but yes, I fight with the Lord asking what was going in their head when humans were created? Why is the world so twisted? Why would a good Lord makes the innocent suffer. Why people with good hearts are so heartbroken?

I still have hopes that one day things would change and everything would revolve around your deeds. But…..

For Sadje’s What do you see?

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49 Thoughts

    1. All our wishes cannot come true, unfortunately!πŸ’” But yes, if this does, a lot of things might fall in place and a hell lot of it, out of place.

      Thanks for your time, Priya.😊 Hope you’re doing well.


  1. Wonderful take BG!!
    And I FEEL you. I have asked this question myself, countless times. WHY are the good people the ones who have to suffer the most?! I do hope, that the future holds something better❣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BG, you really need more recognition for these powerful works! This just moved me, and I was so engrossed in reading the story to the end.

    I really wish this would happen, though. It’s such a shame to see all the corrupt ones walk away scot free , while the good ones are just left in the dust…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This means a lot, SS.😊😊 I haven’t written much of these. This is new for me.

      Well, I never really understood why the good people are always put to test again and again and again. This cycle never stops. Either the Universe is ruled by an Evil, that’s why their worshippers are flourishing or maybe God is really way too patient with the bad ones.😣 I don’t know what it is but, the way this world works is just not right.

      Liked by 1 person

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