Saturday Six Word Story Prompt

Prompt for Week #51 (Aug 15, 2020 – Aug 21, 2020)


Peace Dove GIF - Peace Dove Pigeon GIFs

Hoped for peace; shattered into pieces!

The peace-makers are the peace breakers!

Everyone wants peace without doing anything!

Gta Grand Theft Auto GIF - Gta GrandTheftAuto GtaLcs GIFs


Peace disrupted for a land’s piece.

Ww3 World War3 GIF - Ww3 WorldWar3 WW2 GIFs

Flag Push GIF - Flag Push Countries GIFs

The real peace-makers are behind bars!

All The Good Men GIF - Jail Men MobWives GIFs

Party won!
A peaceful country lost!

Want peace?
Vote for the right-candidate.

Whos Going To Vote For ALoser No One Is Going To Vote ALoser GIF - WhosGoingToVoteForALoser NoOneIsGoingToVoteALoser WhosGoingToWantToVoteForALoser GIFs

Voting For Peace And Love Vote GIF - VotingForPeaceAndLove Vote Votes GIFs

The world’s burning, the peace mourning!

Burn Fire GIF - Burn Fire Earth GIFs

Free the pigeon, peace will arrive!

Heavenly Peace GIF - Heavenly Peace Pigeon GIFs


– The Bold Girl💋 

© The Bold Vibe 2019-2020
All Rights Reserved

30 Thoughts

  1. Nice stories, gif girl 😊😊

    But I don’t understand the context of
    The real peace-makers are behind bars! 😅😅😅
    Is it for the present time or pre independence?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow BG!!! I loved all of them!
    “Hoped for peace; shattered into pieces!”
    “The world’s burning, the peace mourning!”
    “Free the pigeon, peace will arrive!”
    These were my favourites!!❤

    Liked by 1 person

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