Its A Wrap! (Aug 2020)

Did you miss checking “The Memeday posts?”

Well don’t worry… Here’s a recap!

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Click on the title to read the posts.

‘The Queen’ Has An Announcement

Monday Is Coming!

Andddd… Did anyone of you notice that the memes posted last month revolved around the virus and how we’re behaving at home these days?😂 No? Have a re-look at it!

Happy MemeDay #1

Happy MemeDay #2

Happy MemeDay #3

Happy MemeDay #4


Any guesses for this month?

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– The Bold Girl💋

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23 Thoughts

      1. Heh heh heh, sadly, not that kind of tech, else I would have offered to fix your phone for free (shipping not included).
        I was a dental ceramics tech, 12 years ago I became a home care provider tech.
        Sometimes I like to say home care provider…”Engineer”, (that word always adds pizzazz to any occupation).

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