Happy MemeDay #6

Hello Everyone!

Happy MemeDay! Hope you all are well!

Here’s today’s meme…


Remember there was a bonus meme at the end of last month?

Well, why wait for a bonus meme at the end of this month? I wasn’t intending to, but this time, it was WP who made-up something for me and I couldn’t stop laughing?😂😂

This came-up as soon as I posted the last week’s meme post…

This definitely isn’t me, WP!😅 Why did you put this ad just above the statement I made?🙄


– The Bold Girl💋

© The Bold Vibe 2019-2020
All Rights Reserved



Happy MemeDay #8

Heyy-Loww! How are you all?😁 Here’s the meme for the week.👇🏼 Hmmmm…. Now, you know who’s behind all this? We are for no reason blaming China.🤣🤣 – The Bold Girl💋


Saturday Six Word Story Prompt Prompt for Week #56 (Sep 19, 2020 – Sep 25, 2020) I’m the fire🔥, she the water! Begged for water, got saliva instead! My most…

Happy MemeDay #7

Hell-Ohhhh People! We’ve entered the 7th week of celebrating memedays. Can y’all see it? Hahaha…. Just kidding!😂 Well, if you didn’t relate to the above, probably you’re not a working…

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