Happy MemeDay #6

Hello Everyone!

Happy MemeDay! Hope you all are well!

Here’s today’s meme…


Remember there was a bonus meme at the end of last month?

Well, why wait for a bonus meme at the end of this month? I wasn’t intending to, but this time, it was WP who made-up something for me and I couldn’t stop laughing?😂😂

This came-up as soon as I posted the last week’s meme post…

This definitely isn’t me, WP!😅 Why did you put this ad just above the statement I made?🙄


– The Bold Girl💋

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All Rights Reserved




Do God exist? If they do, why are they blind, deaf and mute?

Immense Gratitude!

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An Unexpected Turn!

Hello Everybody! Hope you are doing well! Okayyy, wondering what am I doing here?🤔 I’ll tell you in a bit. I know this blog hasn’t been very active recently. Well, we all know about it. You must be wondering where ‘The Bold Girl’ is? How did she not post anything since so long? What’s cooking!…

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