You Told Me

Helloooo from a not so active Blogger!

So a few weeks ago, I’d asked y’all to help me find some answers, remember? I’d asked this on this post 👉Tell Me

And this is what you all have told me👇


Osita Iheme Aki And Pawpaw GIF - OsitaIheme AkiAndPawpaw Lheme GIFs

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I always wondered, why would the people who know me since ages stand against me? Why wouldn’t they understand me? Why they turned sour on me when I opened up and confronted the evil acts, baseless rituals and shitty working of the society? I found this post yesterday and it all finally made sense! Maybe,…

Immense Gratitude!

Hey My Lovelies, Hope you all are doing great!😊 I know, I haven’t been around since quite some time now and all I can do is just apologise for not being active. Well, I won’t make this look like a sad post coz that’s not the reason why I’m putting up this post. I just…

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  1. Now can you tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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