Women And Their Social Media Challenges

Everyone of you must be having a social media account. At least one. Y’all know how women celebrate women empowerment isn’t it?

There are many out here too who must have participated in such challenges. #SareeChallenge #Black&WhitePicChallenge etc etc.

Dear women, can y’all tell me what is so challenging about the challenge? Are y’all retards?

These challenges spread like wildfire and every stupid female uploaded a pic of them and then tagged their own gang to follow suit. Is this empowering? Yes? How? Tell me.

Many of y’all uploaded posts about Sushant Singh Rajput coz it affected y’all. How did the rape not affect any woman? Why hasn’t any woman posted about the MULTIPLE GANG RAPES happening in UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA?

How is everyone all of a sudden blind about what happened in Hathras, UP? Why are the women not blogging about this but felt immense pain when SSR died? You writing about SSR isn’t wrong but why no post about RAPE? Why the hushh hushh?


Why isn’t this viral? Why are y’all quiet when shit happens to women? Why this fake feminism? Why aren’t you talking about how the body of the girl was burnt late night at 2 by the cops and the Government to dispose all evidences? Why nobody is allowed to meet the family of the girl? Whyyyy is this not affecting you? Why have you not posted about it but actively post about other things happening around? Why an actor’s death affected you that you went on to social media to share your pain but became deaf, blind and turned feelingless when a woman was gang-raped? Why no posts, no blogs??? Why no expression of pain anywhere?

Ashamed to speak about it coz it represents your country in bad light or is it that we only do sex but don’t wanna talk about it? Coz y’all think the world is blind and they don’t know about the uncontrollable libido the country’s citizens have with such a huge population. Kids are dropped from heavens above, isn’t it? We do not engage in sexual intercourse. Not at all! Correct?



How long will y’all pretend to be a fake feminist? Feminism is not about tagging your own girl gang. It’s beyond that. It’s about being happy for your enemy’s success coz she did it on her own. It’s about standing for every woman’s right. It’s about not letting anyone do shit to us.

Stop doing things for social media attention. Do beyond.

It’s the women who need to make these things viral and not stupid social media trends. No, that’s not empowering! Use your brain if you have one. It could be any one of us tomorrow. Where is your voice? Raise it for the right things.

Dear women, if you want to challenge anything, challenge the Government, the society. Not your own kitty party friends.

Get a brain if you haven’t got one. Speak what you got to speak. Follow trends which are really empowering. Don’t make a joke of the whole women fraternity. You need to speak up. Make every injustice done to us viral. This is what should be trending like wildfire. Ask the Government and the society to do you right.

Can we challenge ourselves to make the horrifying rape viral, speak-up about every brutality and injustice done to us? Take challenges which are indeed challenging and be bold enough to speak for our rights on social media and elsewhere?

I am ashamed to be a woman coz you women are fake! Y’all don’t speak on the things you should. If not us, who will? Y’all pay heed to things you shouldn’t and name it empowering. Please open your eyes and raise your voice. It’s high time!

I challenge you to stand for your rights! Participate in voicing out about the crimes done to every woman on social media and elsewhere. Are you woman enough to take this challenge?


– TheBoldGirl💋


93 Thoughts

  1. Hey, I know it’s a private post right now, but I’ve read it and I stand with you on this. We must focus on the issues that need to be addressed and not on the things that grab attention.

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          1. Yeah, I re-read it, and honestly, I don’t voice out about any issues. Maybe, I will start doing that when I get a social media account. Right now, this blog is more about me and my writing and I know that’s selfish, but that’s the truth, isn’t it?

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            1. It’s completely fine to have a place for yourself. What is not fine is, talking about all the other things affecting you and keeping your mouth shut when you should really speakup. I’ve seen a lot of women and men… especially women posting about SSR here on WP but haven’t even posted a word about the rape. I wonder why the silence?

              Also, it is not about just social media, we need to speak for ourselves off social media too.

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              1. I’m neutral. I don’t talk about any issue. The problem with most people is that, they will only talk about it when they are affected or deeply hurt by some issue.

                Yes, that is true.

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                1. I differ to agree on the latter half. There are many who are affected but too picky on topics. Coz some find shame in talking about it, some know it won’t grab the attention they’re seeking for, some are just down right selfish.

                  And yeah, it’s okay to be neutral. I have a few friends who feel bad, get angry but don’t really get into a conversatiom in the open. The problem lies with people who only do stuff for social media attention and call it for the good. Moreover if all of us turn neutral, you know where it’ll lead.

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                    1. That’s a time, when you’ll be confused because my brain complicates everything normally. So, no need to worry about answering then, ’cause then you can say anything to me and I’d be confused regarding it. Basically, none of us would understand each other. I don’t know what I’m saying, and I’m laughing side by side, so I’ll stop here 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. Definitely gonna share this one wherever I can. It’s horrifying how people stay silent about it and of course spreading awareness is important but what about those who are already aware and are still quiet😤😤 Rape culture is spreading like wildfire in our country and it needs to be stopped!!! This is just too much to handle now. I am just feeling terrible about this.

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    1. It’s not about just this rape. We as women need to be proactive in raising voices against all crimes especially about women. We be swift in participating in senseless social media trends/challenges and call it empowering by tagging our own girl gang and then become blind to such crimes. What sense does it make?

      It’s a joke to call yourself feminist when you’re just downright stupid. Isn’t it?

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      1. It truly is. Feminism is not about challenges and trends. It’s about raising our voices against all crimes which happen to every single person, even men. And yes not just rape. Domestic violence is so prevalent, in every three minutes at least one woman suffers from it. If social media does promote freedom of speech, why aren’t we opening up about the right things when we can?! Why freely express trends and challenges and not the injustice which runs in our system so evidently.

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  3. Bold Girl, you are absolutely right. Why do people fail to speak up about what really matters? Why do people turn a deaf ear to things that should be stopped and be raised awareness about? I think it’s because they feel not-effected by it. I am just so sick and tired of people trying to subdue the harsh reality. People are dying all over the world, the government is corrupt and there’s a lottttt more happening. I am glad I read this post, and I have been reading this over and over. I’m sure it’ll be an eye opener for many. I’ll do my best to voice my opinions, thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. It affects them but they’re just too picky to speak on it. Sex is enjoyed by all but nobody wants to talk about it. If they don’t talk about something so natural then it’s evident they won’t speak about rape too.

      For how long are we going to keep our mouth shut? For how long will we do things for social media and not for the society’s betterment and our own too? Why women fake it out being feminists but don’t really do shit? How is sharing pics empowering and voicing out about crimes a shame, I wonder!

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  4. I agree with you about those dumb challenges.
    As I always believe, if men are responsible for rapes or whatever happening, women are also equally responsible, as they always think themselves weak, and never raise a voice, it is thinking that is we can’t do anything, causing more harm.
    I directly or indirectly too talk about it in my posts.
    And the statements I hear of various leaders ,angers me more.


    1. I find it sad that you think women are equally responsible for rapes or whatever is happening around. If there are 5 men attacking you, there is no way you can save yourself n matter how much you fight back.


      1. You get my point wrong
        I never meant that
        I never meant physically weak or to fight with them

        I mean it is need of hour, for women to realize there strength and raise voice
        And leave that attitute and fear that we are helpless and can’t do anything.

        I think, I am unable to clear what I mean here
        Text creates confusion


        1. I get it. However, I do not think it is possible when the Government itself is lazy. They need to bring strict laws in place and act on it. That’s when one would feel safe and confident. Now, even when one isn’t weak, there is a fear deep down that anything may go wrong at any point of time.

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          1. I know, that fear, closely knw all the 3 states, delhi, Rajasthan and up very much, yes, it is very very difficult 🙁🙁

            I am so disturbed since this news not able to focus on my studies, even when my exams are so near

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  5. This challenge is the need of the hour than other challenges!!
    This is trending everywhere Isnt it? so many posting about it. Change.org is full of it. I have signed 5 or more. I’m not on fb so not sure about that.
    But I would prefer change.org rather than posting here.
    But regarding his suicide, I would prefer to post it here. It was his personal choice. A thing he did on himself consciously. (Let’s keep aside the drug thing, I’m talking about suicide bit)
    But overall, it’s two very different issues at the base level I feel.
    A post on Justice for Sushant and justice for rape victims would be at the same level. Donno if I conveyed my point right..

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    1. I am just talking about my observations ober social media that includes WP too. I haven’t seen a soul speaking about it. I am not sure if you were on WP when SSR news went viral. There was a lot of outrage and sadness here as well which is missing now.

      Also, I am in no way talking about the drug or his suicide. It’s just about the silence on one topic and not on the other.

      And if you’re aware whatever happened in SSR’s case was mainly due to it trending on social media. Social media is a weapon and we must use it for justice on every issue is what I mean to.

      It’s great that you’re a part of change.org but not all do their bit.

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      1. I completely agree on voicing about it. That is needed. Everything is on digital platforms now.

        But the thing is, it is trending right? Why did you feel people are silent.

        For example I would prefer voicing about rape on change.org it’s a different social issue. Issue with those hooligan horrible men. (My blood boils!!)

        I would post on SSR and depression here on WP as it’s completely personal. It was his decision to kill himself and that needs a different kind of awareness. I use this blog in a different way.

        Many would have done so isn’t it?


        1. I’ve already mentioned about it in my last comment. I am talking about my observations about the people I know here.

          It may seem trending for you since we both follow different set of people on WP. I hope, it’s clear now.

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          1. Even I’m talking about people here, BG. I was here when SSR case came up too. I have seen posts by people I follow then and nothing now. I was just trying to say, may be people use these social media handles differently.
            Because the root cause of the problem is different.


            1. Hmmm… My whole point is to be vocal on platforms and elsewhere too. I agree both issues are different. As you said you’ve contributed through change.org, there are many who are just selective. I mean, it’s always a hush hush on such topics per my observation.

              Now, I don’t mean the whole state, country or world but just the people I know. Most of them don’t do anything at all and just participate in attention seeking trends/challenges and call it empowering. Also show sadness on death of a superstar, politician but not on rapes.

              Just like I stated in one of my conversation with you, social media is a powerful weapon and so are NGOs and other organizations working on these issues but most of us don’t do anything at all.


              1. This is sad! And I agree… my blood boils on that!
                I agree on all points in the above comment especially on “attention seeking” and hush hush.

                I actually have a very different understanding on WP I think. Like I don’t see it like insta or FB. I’m wrong here 🤔.
                Now I get what you were trying to say.

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  6. Feminism has completely lost its meaning. People are so obsessed about Sushant Singh Rajput, but none are concerned about the Hathras case. I have read so many posts on WordPress giving tribute to SSR, but none even mention about Manisha Valmiki. When I wrote about this Hathras case and Farmers Bills Protest, I got so many negative comments that I deleted! Not one comment mentioned the Hathras case!

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    1. First thing first, reupload that post. You don’t have to stup yourself-up coz of a selfish society. They’re hollow.

      You do you. Don’t bow down. They want you to feel guilty to speak the truth and by doing this, you’re letting them win. Let them bark. They’ll get tired and bark somewhere else.

      Don’t let them win by deleting your feelings. Showcase it, let them do what they want to. Don’t let that shit affect you. Reupload it. You’d be proud of yourself when you go back the memory lane and read it. Trust me, there are only a few who got the spine. You’re one of them and I’m proud of you, trust me!

      I’m waiting to read the post. Will wait to get notified about it.

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              1. I thought so too. 🙁
                But they were horrible. They were saying stuff like “It was the girl’s mistake, she must have seduced them. ” And of course, there were abusive words, both in Hindi and English. People have such sick mentality nowadays.

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                1. You still shouldn’t. Let the world read. If you only keep positive comments, it’s like showing a flowery image of our society. It talks a lot about their upbringing and our society.

                  I haven’t read the post yet but saw the comments. Seems like you’ve deleted a lot of stuff which you shouldn’t have.

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  7. Thank you for speaking out and taking a stand. Good for you and shame that this is a reality which sickens and saddens my heart. We stand together as woman and men who are wise, kind and loving to make our voices heard. Good job on speaking up and standing up! I applaud you! ❤️ Cindy

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  8. I realized, with a jolt, that I hadn’t posted about the Hathras Gang rape on my site. I discussed about it on other sites, but didn’t post anything about it on mine. I’m feeling guilty. I’m going to post something today itself. It’s crucial. It really is.

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    1. It’s okay, Ishi. At least my post made you realise that you hadn’t already. This post was also to speak about women’s selective approach towards what’s happening around us. Women are more actively involved in stupid social media challenges and trends and name it women empowerment but, would not utter a word on the matters which really matter.

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  9. Another thought provoking post, mega kudos to you.
    It is okay to be neutral on some things, for instance, I prefer indigo over periwinkle. Ok, no problem, whatever.
    Neutrality is never okay when it comes to injustice.
    Neutrality in the face of injustice implies acceptance, so long as the injustice doesn’t gets too close to me.
    One problem with that line of thinking is that when the injustice occurs to you, you wonder why no one seems to care, but they do “care”, they are remaining neutral.
    The problems of injustice can never be overcome if we don’t point it out, identify it, then band together, shout from the rooftops and fight to conquer them.
    You Bold Girl are very appreciated.

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    1. Thanks, Mike!😊 I agree that neutrality on such issues means you’re indirectly accepting it. Some people only feel the pain when they go through it and don’t pay attention when someone else suffers.

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  10. I wish I was as bold as you. It angers me so much, it really does. I never write about current affairs or participate in any challenge (other than art ones).
    Thank you for writing about this. This was certainly an eye-opener and maybe I could try to write something that contributes to a change, no matter how small🖤

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    1. I am not as bold as you think I am. Trust me when I say this. I have a long way to go. I wasn’t as bold as you see me right now too. This human is build over the years, with shitty experiences and observations on things happening around me. It all begins at some point in life. Just try to pour your heart out and never stop pouring it out no matter how many stones are thrown at you for being bold. The society doesn’t like women who have a voice and they’ll do their every bit to shut you up. You just have to ignore the noises around you and only listen to the voices inside of you.

      And this is not a current affair or a topic on politics. It’s the harsh reality of the society and it won’t change until the women stop taking shit from anyone including the Government.

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  11. We’re all stories being written. It’s true that society prefers submissive women. Thank you for that encouraging advice.
    It’s just monstrous and angering when even the officials are on the criminals’ side. I agree with you.

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  12. Thanks a ton for sharing this post, BG. This is something that must be brought to everyone’s notice immediately, not those catty challenges!

    Sometimes, it’s completely okay to stay neutral in certain situations. Pseudo-feminism has not only botched the name of feminism, but has also completely ruined it’s main purpose. It just pains me to see women not raising their voices on such horrific cases, and I’m also disappointed at the fact that people’s mentality on such cases is always stuck on the “blame the victim” path (it’s just NOT fair to keep blaming them for each and every thing).

    If we call ourselves the most developed species on the planet, why did our behaviour and mentality undergo retrogressive metamorphosis? It’s almost as if we’re primitive/uncivilized beings living in a mechanized world. (Did this last part make any sense, though?)

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    1. Thanks for sharing your views on this, SS. That’s a fact that the feminism has lost its meaning long ago. Moreover these stupid challenges are being circulated and participated in at lightning speed. But, when something really empowering is done by another woman or when women beed to raise their voices, they keep silent.

      How can one upload a pic and then tag their own friends and family members be termed as women empowerment? What kind of crowd is this? Why do women participate in cheap thrills and do not do anything which in actually thrilling? Do they really have a brain? Why are people so blind and selfish for likes and attention?😶😶

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      1. Anytime, BG.
        Honestly, I think such challenges arise from the fact that they’re trying to be “trend setters” or they just want attention. That seems to be some logical reasons for it, I guess.

        Moreover, shouldn’t women empowerment be supporting women in all kinds of situations and actually making an effort to bring about a change? To be honest, even the #MeToo movement is starting to lose it’s purpose as well (due to all the false allegations and other stuff) 🤦🏽‍♀️

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        1. See, these challenges are not challenging they themselves know. But they’re easy. It doesn’t require guts to do it. Why would women raise their voice when they can get attention by uploading a pic?🤷🏼‍♀️ They want the world to treat them right when they can’t treat themselves right. There’s a reason why it’s said, “Never underestimate the power to stupid people in large numbers.”🤦🏼‍♀️😂

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