An Unexpected Turn!

Hello Everybody!

Hope you are doing well!

Okayyy, wondering what am I doing here?🤔 I’ll tell you in a bit.

I know this blog hasn’t been very active recently. Well, we all know about it.

You must be wondering where ‘The Bold Girl’ is? How did she not post anything since so long? What’s cooking!

Well, it may come as a surprise to you but nothing’s cooking at all! 

She indeed has vanished! And it’s quite evident, isn’t it?

I don’t know when is she going to come back or is she never ever going to be here ever again!

All that I know is ‘The Bold Girl’ will not be blogging anymore. 


How do I know this? I know because I was told so.

Shocking isn’t it? I too was when I came to know about it. I at first thought it’s just another prank but it wasn’t. 

I’m writing this after almost a month of her informing me to take over. Yes, she informed me long ago.

I was so happy when I saw her last post on Men’s Day but it was just because she wanted to thank all men and know that they matter and so she re-blogged her previously published post.

Probably that was her last post. And silly me got my hopes high thinking she’s back.

So here’s what the news was. And yeah, she has given me the authority over this blog. 

So from now on, you’d see me posting on this blog.

I know you all are going to miss BG and I will too but, this was her decision which I’m not in favour of but…. 

Not sure why she took this decision. Guess, nobody will be able to change that.

I won’t write much. That’s all I wanted to share with you all.

Also, I hope you all will welcome me into ‘The Bold Vibe’ world. 

From The Bold Girl💋to Keep Up With Kamya!


29 Thoughts

  1. Selfishly, for me, this is a very sad and heavy blow. I wish Bold Girl all the best in everything she does, joy, health, prosperity and safety. I will miss the ever awesome Bold Girl, and am very thankful to have been able to read some of her work.
    As for you Kamya, Welcome! Bold Girl’s shoes are tough to fill, but I wish you all success in taking over this blog. Your hard work will be appreciated, thank you for taking on such a task.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same, and I understand that you’re going to miss her. We all are going to.

      Thank you for supporting me. I look forward to presenting some good work here.


  2. I was seriously like WHAT for two minutes after reading this post. Hoping Bold Girl is doing okay, will miss all of her amazingness.❤ (I still kind of feel she’s pranking, tho, at least I hope so)

    And if this really is not a prank, a warm welcome to you, Kamya didi, I know BG has chosen you for good reasons💗

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    1. I know how it must feel Rishi. Bold Girl is doing just fine. I wish it was a prank too. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

      Thank you for the warm welcome Rishi. That is very kind of you to say… ❤️

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  3. Not gonna lie, we’re gonna miss you so much BG. All the GIFs, the wacky amount of memes, the whole package…..Hope for the best in everything ❤️
    Anyways; can’t wait to see what posts you’d whip up on BG’s blog, Kamya. Filling in her shoes is quite the thing, and I wish you luck!! 😊

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  4. Hi! Rosewood Publications is calling for submissions! If you wish to publish a short story, email me for more info. My email can be found on my post ‘Calling for Submission’
    Thank you

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