Do God exist?

If they do, why are they blind, deaf and mute?

34 Thoughts

  1. Ahh this is a question I have asked myself…but I guess its good god doesn’t answer…i wouldn’t want to know all the probelms that are coming towards me


                1. How did I miss the notification!🤔

                  Well, I don’t think I’m in that state of mind currently and not even sure when I’ll be in that state.🙃 I miss all the fun too but I’m a package lost in transit rn.😂

                  You as well have a wonderful day!🤗

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      1. True … For strength within I guess? To deal with shit!
        It’s more of a self talk I feel 😅 we imagine a deaf mute person we pray to, and there is a strength within ..
        thing is, we shouldn’t expect from people or God na.. they disappoint by not meeting our expectations..

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            1. Hahahaha😂😂 Yayy!💃 My inner hidden human jumped with joy after reading this comment.💙🤍 You know it’s so difficult to find someone just as outspoken as us. I haven’t found any in ages and finally found someone speaking my heart.🤗😊

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                1. Hahaha…. You’re talking to the one who’s anonymous too.😂🤣😂 I won’t say I’m timid but many other reasons which I wouldn’t want to disclose. But one among those is, people just try n look for you everywhere to know more about you.😂

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            2. That is why it is easy to talk to people over here than in real life.
              I too have faith that there is a higher power but won’t want to tie that super energy to any religion. Though I’ve not completely given up on my birth religion coz giving up is more difficult than picking up one.😂 But I don’t really follow anything rather question their existence more these days.

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                1. I don’t know why were both your comments showing in my spam folder.😣

                  I guess, I need to be more active now. Else they’ll move my comments too to spam coz they won’t recognize me.😂🤣

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                2. Hahhaa… Tell them to stop asking questions!

                  Woahh! I have the best suggestion. It just clicked my mind – Next time they ask you one, ask them how much amount you’d win once answered.🤣😂

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