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The Bold GirlπŸ’‹

She’s different from the rest of the females,
From a different universe she hails!

She will force you to think the things, you usually don’t think about,
She’s a woman with a soul of a guy, without a doubt!

Cannot stand small talk and she’s got a sprint walk,
She’s witty in her head, sarcasm – drop dead!

Away from the bullshit she stays,
No mind games she plays!

Her fellow Bloggers call her ‘The Queen
She’ll make you see things which were still unseen.

I won’t share everything about her in one go,
There is always something new to discover, you know…

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50 Thoughts

  1. She called herself bold , she had a heart of gold , through the crucible she became pure , got the power to endure , she is a woman with a soul of a guy , for the woman was hurt deeply , but could never understand why , she wants to live like a bird on tree , totally fearless and free – The words flowed for you , as I am a medium , may they carry a message the universe is channeling for you – Gratitude

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